Trala: A Practicing Game changer

Recording For Trala:

Last June, I was connected by a mutual friend to a new music education startup called Trala. I had heard about Trala only two months before, while completing research for my Master’s thesis on the future of classical music. After googling “music education apps," I came across Trala.

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Infographic of Trala research 



    What is Trala?

    Trala is what many music educators have been searching for. It's a SmartPhone App that provides a systematic way for students to practice difficult violin passages using the science of repetition. Let’s say your student is working on a two bar passage of music. If they complete a correct number of repetitions, then they can move onto the next passage. The student can also choose how big of a “chunk” they want to practice. This eliminates the needless playing through of a piece which only results in a mediocre performance.

    As a violinist and teacher, I have often thought about how I could construct “practicing” in such a way that it would be appealing to students. Practicing the violin is such a nebulous concept, and most times, students have no idea how to approach “practicing.” Add the constant distraction of technology, and it’s near impossible for a child to practice while maintaining focus. Needless to say, when I discovered Trala, an app that married mobile technology with the philosophy of practicing, I was stoked!

    As a recording artist for Trala, I have the great privilege and responsibility of recording violin repertoire as a reference for students using the app. It’s been an incredible experience so far!  I’m sure that Trala will become a household name in the sphere of music education, and will expand to help other students learn musical instruments besides the violin.

    Prof. Rudolf Haken, Professor of Viola at the University of Illinois says Trala is akin to a virtual Suzuki Mom. Watch below!


    Why do we think Trala is a better way to practice?

    Research shows that almost 90% of practice time is wasted.  Students generally spend their time practicing parts of the piece they already know well because it is painful to practice the hard parts (the bits they most need to practice).  If only there was a tool that would force them to practice correctly...

    What level of violinist is Trala best for?

    Trala is best used as a supplementary tool in between lessons. Students who use Trala should have at least an intro ability to read sheet music and know how to play a few pieces. 

    To learn more about Trala, visit their website, or download their app:



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